commonly asked questions:

1.How do I join?

After deciding that you would like to join, ask the teacher for a membership application form. After filling it out, present it to the teacher along with the entrance fee, insurance fee, and the fee for the first month. A copy that has been translated is available. You can fill it out in Japanese or English. (You can begin practice that same day.) Please be aware that entrance fees and monthly fees are non-refundable.

2.What do I wear?

A training uniform called a dogi can be purchased at the office. The cost varies depending on size starting at around ¥10,000-¥15,000. You can borrow a dogi for the first month of practice, free of charge. Wman should wear a t-shirt(any color is OK)under their dogi. A t-shirt is optional for men.

3.When can I practice?

Dojo hours are shown in the following chart. Monthly fees are based on the number of hours you intend to practice per week. You can practice whenever the dojo is open and missed classes can be made up the following week within the same month. The dojo is closed on Mondays and national holdays.

4.Where can I practice?

MAP There are two Shohokai dojos: the main dojo,located near Ikegami station in Ota-ku Tokyo and a branch dojo located near Tsurumi station in Yokohama. You are welcome to practice at the dojo most convenient to you on any particular day.

5.Do families get a discount on fees ?

Yes, a discount is available on the monthly membership fee for additional members of the same household. 30%discount for the 2nd family member, 50% discount for the 3rd and any additional family members.

Dojo Etiquette

1. Be courteous and follow the rules at all times.
2. Follow the instructions of the teacher during practice.
3. Avoid unrelated conversation during practice.
4. Remove your hat and coat while inside the dojo.
5. Remove all jewelry during practice, as it may cause injury.
6. The dojo does not assume responsibility for injuries sustained during practice.
7. Visitors are requested to respect dojo rules.
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